Making co-coaching a normal team behaviour

One of the signs of a coaching culture in a team is when everyone is comfortable with being coached by everyone else. A tipping point in achieving a coaching culture is when the team leader is happy to be coached by direct reports. A five-stage approach can be helpful here:

  • The team leader is coached by the team coach
  • The coach invites the team leader to practice coaching them, and gives feedback at intervals on how this feels – a sort of reverse coaching
  • The coach observes and supports the team leader as they coach a direct report. All three subsequently discuss the experience. This element can be repeated with everyone in the team
  • The team leader invites one of the team members to coach them in a meeting together, again with the team coach present to offer support as needed.
  • The whole team explore together how they will make coaching conversations a normal part of their regular interactions.

This is a gradual process of confidence building for both the leader and the team. It cultivates vulnerability, which is essential for psychological safety.

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