Introducing Deiric McCann:

CCMI is delighted to be partnering with Deiric McCann (of Genos International) to bring you this exciting and innovative course.

Deiric McCann leads Genos International Europe, a seven-time Top 20 Assessment Company and provider of emotional intelligence solutions, and has authored multiple books on employee engagement and emotional intelligence. 

As an accredited teacher of Google’s Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Programme, Deiric regularly speaks about these topics at conferences and events worldwide and delivers highly acclaimed training on emotional intelligence, resilience, psychological safety, and mindfulness. 

Deiric’s TEDx Talk on The Invisible Epidemic: Worry’ has garnered over 1 million views.


Becoming a More Emotional Intelligent Leader


This is unlike any other leadership programme you’ve ever taken part in – it is all about learning the practicalities of showing up as an emotionally intelligent leader who is trusted, engages effectively, connects well, makes people feel they matter and creates a psychologically safe environment where people can bring their very best contributions to the team and the organisation.

While the programme covers all the necessary academic and research material to ensure you see the effectiveness of what’s thought, the focus is first and foremost on the practical – guiding you on how to ‘show up’ back at the workplace after each module to raise your impact as a leader, session by session.

Before the programme, you’ll have the option of completing Genos International’s award-winning Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment to give you a deep understanding of how those around you see you show up currently – so that you have a clear understanding of where your development focus needs to be during this highly interactive and engaging 6-module programme. 


      • How to show up as an emotionally intelligent leader.
      • Practical skills and techniques to raise your impact as a leader.
      • Be more emotionally self-aware and create a clear development pathway.
      • Develop a greater psychological safety environment for your team.

    A copy of the course Brochure can be downloaded here. 




This programme is aimed at anyone who wishes to become a more emotionally intelligent leader:

  • Leaders wishing to dramatically enhance their impact and ability to engage, influence and motivate
  • Individual contributors wishing to enhance their ability to engage, influence and motivate
  • Coaches, consultants and trainers who wish to develop the skills to assist the first two audiences in developing these skills and abilities


    • Free Genos Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment included (worth £200)
    • The opportunity to connect and network with other leaders and support each other during the learning journey
    • 12 months free CCMI Resource Library membership


This course consists of 6 x 90 minute modules and is priced at £1,000 per person. Discounts are available for bookings of 2 or more attendees – please email us for details at [email protected]