Nordic Team Coaching Academy – Combined Programme


This 12+ month programme brings together Prof David Clutterbuck and the leading Team Coaching trainers in the Nordics in order to take participants to the highest levels of Team Coach excellence.

This intensive, highly practical programme combines  all 3 three of our courses into one year long programme incorporating the Foundation, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner programmes which are all accredited by both ICF and EMCC. 

The emphasis of this intensive, highly practical programme is upon using participants’ current experience of teams they are working with as the basis for developing a broader portfolio of approaches and increasing their confidence in coping with challenging situations.

Our approach to team coaching is based upon more than 20 years of research into the factors that influence how teams adapt to increasingly complex environments. Using the PERILL model developed by Prof David to understand the team, its context and stakeholders as a part of the system of systems in an ever-changing complex adaptive system perspective. The PERILL model is the only complex, adaptive system approach to understanding the factors that influence a team’s performance.


Split into 4 parts across 12+ months, the programme breaks down as:

  • Part 1: Foundation:
    Where: Virtual Only
    When: May 9-10, 2023
  • Part 2: Practitioner:
    Where: Stockholm, Sweden
    When: 25-27 Sept, 2023
  • Part 3: Senior Practitioner part 1
    Where: Helsinki, Finland
    When: 29-31 Jan 2024
  • Part 4: Senior Practitioner part 2
    Where: Riga, Latvia
    When: 27-29 May 2024
  • Supervision and self study groups bridge the gaps between workshops.
  • All sessions will be delivered in English
  • Places limited to a maximum of 30 participants.
  • Eight sessions of group supervision are included in the course fees (package only), in groups of maximum 8 people
  • Individual & Group Reflection
  • Coursework: Reflective assignment
  • All participants are required to practice with at least 3 teams throughout the course with at least 4 sessions per client team

Total Commitment Hours:

As a general rule, you will be expected to commit around 8-10 hours a week spread across reading, preparing for and practising with teams, reflections, and some reflective assignments – much of which will be included in your day to day role if you are already coaching teams. 


  • Increased confidence and competence to support teams in understanding their internal and external dynamics and systems.
  • Confidence to take the role as the lead co-coach
  • Increased ability to work with different team contexts
  • Advanced toolkit that gives confidence in handling a wide range of challenging situations that occur in team coaching and ultimately the ability to transcend the need for tools.
  • A practical model (PERILL) to support a team in understanding its systems


Experienced 1-2-1 coaches and mentors, HR professionals with some coaching or mentoring background, leaders with relevant coaching experience who wish to become highly qualified.

    • Professional Coaches who are looking to expand their skill set outside of 1-2-1 coaching to include or transition to team coaching.
    • Business Leaders, Line Managers, Team leaders who want to know more about how to coach teams effectively.
    • HR Leaders and Professionals who want to help deliver a programme to support team coaching through their business.
    • Facilitators and other trainers / professionals working with teams and looking to expand their toolkit


  • You may attend the Foundation programme with just a years experience with teams (as a team Leader, Facilitator, Coach or HR professional)
  • For the full package, we recommend you to have at least 2 years already working as a team coach or you will not meet the experience criteria needed for Senior Practitioner accreditation (or wait until you have the 3 years needed). Please read the FAQ’s on the leaflet lined below for more details. 


  • Provides the advanced skills, knowledge and tools to confidently coach teams
  • The opportunity to connect and network with other team coaches in your region and support each other during the learning journey
  • 18 months free CCMI membership* 
  • 18 months free membership to the PERILL team diagnostic platform* (worth £750 a year). Members can use with unlimited numbers of teams and save huge amounts (other providers charge up to $1500 per team)
    * Package only. Single program is 12 months.


    Early Bird Package Price:   €10,000
    Save €1,600 (equivalent to a FREE Foundation course) 
    Payment by instalments available. 
    early bird ends April 15th 2023 then €11,000  

    Foundation Only Price:   €1,600


Our Team Coaching Programs are accredited by both the EMCC and ICF. Successful Senior Practitioner candidates will receive:

  • a certificate of accreditation from CCMI which you can use to claim 501 hours of CPD and for 40 CCE’s for ICF members (36.5 Core Competency (CC) and 3.5 Resource Development (RD) units)
  • automatic recommendation for the Team Coaching Senior Practitioner ITCA (Individual Team Coach award) from EMCC Global
  • automatic recommendation for the  European Individual Accreditation EIA (an individual  Coach / Mentor level award at Senior Practitioner level)  from EMCC Global
  • Please note: Whilst the ICF has published its Team Coaching Competencies and conducted a pilot programme (early 2022) it has not yet published its final training requirements or accredited any training programs. Until this has been established, all graduates will receive a certificate with 40 CCE’s to support their ICF submission however based on provisional notices of the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching award (ACTC) we expect this program to meet the key provisions required for Educational hours and Supervision requirements. 

For the Programme Leaflet, please download a copy here. 

Application Forms & Booking pages to follow.