Developing Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes: An International Casebook

Understanding diversity mentoring
The learning and development processes of diversity mentoring
Mentoring in the context of disability

  • Case study 1 ‘Aim higher’: Encouraging young people with disabilities
  • Case study 2 The Asperger Transitions Project: fostering workplace success
  • Case study 3 Access to work: workplace support for individuals with dyslexia
  • Case study 4 Deaf mentoring: a personal view
  • Case study 5 Ready to Start: fostering self-employment for people with disabilities
  • Case study 6 Forward to Professorship: academic mentoring for women and deaf scientists
  • Case study 7 The Legacy Project: mentorship to support long-term empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS

Mentoring in the context of gender and sexual preference

  • Case study 8 Mentoring for women: creating the future together!
  • Case study 9 Group mentoring for mid-career women associate professors
  • Case study 10 Mentoring adult learners to engage in conversations about sexuality and heterosexual privilege
  • Case study 11 Mentoring for gay and lesbian professionals: a personal story
  • Case study 12 Mentoring immigrant women into employment and into society
  • Case study 13 Integrated women’s mentorship program
  • Case study 14 Mentoring women entrepreneurs in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East
  • Case study 15 Global virtual mentoring programs
  • Case study 16 Mentoring women and minorities in computer science
  • Case study 17 South East Mentoring Network for Women
  • Case study 18 The International Cross-Mentoring Program
  • Case study 19 Mentoring and gender diversity in Norway
  • Case study 20 Return on Mentoring(TM): developing leaders and advancing diversity and inclusion within the organization

Mentoring in the context of race and culture

  • Case study 21 Transport for London Mentoring Programme
  • Case study 22 100 Black Men of London
  • Case study 23 Mentoring engineering graduates in the mines in South Africa
  • Case study 24 Merryvale High: mentoring high school refugee students
  • Case study 25 Mentoring in the healthcare sector: the South West Strategic Health Authority Mentoring Programme
  • Case study 26 AU Mentor: double mentoring
  • Case study 27 Qualitative reflections on a pilot coaching programme in Pollsmoor Prison
  • Case study 28 Middlesex University Mentoring Network
  • Case study 29 Aboriginal mentoring in Community Services
  • Case study 30 Pathways for Success: making a difference for minority students
  • Case study 31 Mentoring immigrant school children
  • Case study 32 Cross-cultural mentoring: the UK and Lebanon

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