Team Coach – Senior Practitioner course


This intensive, highly practical module builds on the Foundation and Practitioner programmes to continue coaches’ journeys into becoming effective team coaches. It greatly enhances the coach’s toolkit and equips them to take the lead in team coaching pairs, confidently working with increasing levels of complexity to help teams strengthen all elements of the PERILL framework.

The emphasis of this programme is upon using participants’ current experience of teams they are working with as the basis for developing a broader portfolio of approaches and increasing their confidence in coping with challenging situations. A minimum of two client teams will be required. This the third of three courses within our Team Coaching Programme, with a strong emphasis on building a unique, evidence-based practice through development of both theory and practice. The programme is offered in two formats: Traditional classroom style with two three-day workshops separated by eight to ten months of practice and reflection. Twelve 3-hour virtual modules.

Our approach to team coaching is based upon more than 20 years of research into the factors that influence how teams adapt to increasingly complex environments. Our Foundation and Certificate (Practitioner) courses are accredited by both ICF and EMCC. They incorporate the PERILL model – the only complex, adaptive system approach to understanding the factors that influence a team’s performance.


  • Split across 12 x 3-hour sessions, over a 12-month period or;
  • 2 x 3-day face to face programmes, plus self-study, reflection, practice with teams and supervision.

Four sessions of group supervision are included in the course fees, in groups of maximum 8 people. Ten self-directed action learn sets (practicums) bridge the gaps between virtual sessions and between the in-person workshops. Total Commitment Hours: 500 (classroom hours, practice with at least one team, further reading and reflection


  • Professional Coaches who are looking to take their skill set as team coaches to a higher level.
  • Business Leaders, Line Managers, Team leaders, HR Leaders and Professionals with advanced teams experience who want to be role models and/or champions for teaming in their companies.


  • Increased ability to support teams in understanding their internal and external dynamics and systems


  • Confidence to take the role as the lead co-coach
  • Increased facility in uncovering and clarifying complex, adaptive systems
  • Increased ability to work with different team contexts
  • A toolkit that gives confidence in handling a wide range of challenging situations that occur in team coaching


Our Team Coaching Programs are accredited by both the EMCC and ICF