Sustainability and social responsibility policy

Sustainability and social responsibility policy

Our sustainability strategy aims to gradually reduce our carbon footprint by:

  • Replacing long distance travel wherever practical with virtual training delivery
  • Replacing car journeys with train journeys (95% + since 2019)
  • Encouraging clients to carbon offset essential travel we do on their behalf
  • Providing all training materials electronically, except when paper copies are requested by clients. All our own books are now also provided as electronic copies
  • Moving increasingly from international delivery to local delivery, through our global network of national and regional partners and by equipping corporate clients with the capability to deliver their own programmes
  • Using recycled materials where possible
  • Supporting  the co-development of a professional qualification as climate change mentor / coach
  • Incorporating climate change and social impact issues into our coach and client education programmes, alongside and integrated with our long-term work in ethical mentoring and ethical coaching2

Our social responsibility policy aims to ensure that the business leaves a positive legacy on human societies across the world by:

  • Transferring know-how to developing economies, especially in the context of building local capability in coaching and mentoring
  • Supporting financially selected projects, which will have an immediate and measurable impact on isolated communities
  • Promoting through education, research and other means diversity in the client organisations we serve and in the coaching and mentoring profession
  • Providing preferential rates to not-for-profit clients and developing economies
  • Providing pro bono Supervision for coaches in Africa

Our primary focus is enabling future generations to make better decisions than previous generations. Our most significant current effort aims to create five million school age coaches and mentors globally over a five-year period.

We review our Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy at least annually and invite all our stakeholders to provide feedback on what we could do better.