Work Life Balance


Hybrid working, AI-driven innovation in work practices and other pressures are making it increasingly difficult for knowledge workers to find a healthy equilibrium between the forces acting on their lives. It’s in every organisation’s interests to help them find workable solutions.

A recent CMI survey of executive coaches found that work-life balance issues arise in the majority of coaching assignments. Nearly two-thirds said that these issues are germane to every executive coaching assignment! Moreover, executives presenting work-life balance issues typically also reported symptoms such as high stress, burnout and imposter syndrome.

Having a competence in supporting people through these situations is therefore essential both for coaches and for HR professionals. This short course is designed to equip you with a wider toolkit and range of ways to help.

The programme is accompanied by a guide/workbook and extensive materials for participants. Participants also receive one-year free access to the Coaching and Mentoring Resource.


This programme is aimed at coaches, mentors, supervisors, and HR professionals, who want to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of work-life balance issues. It draws on a toolkit and theoretical frameworks developed over more than 20 years.


At the end of this programme you will have learnt:

  • How to recognise and help people to acknowledge and reframe work-life balance issues
  • How to help people recognise the systems in play and their capacity to manage these
  • How to help them make difficult, values-laden decisions about their work and non-work lives
  • How to apply some of the same lessons to yourself!
  • How to build a bigger toolkit to support people in designing and implementing systemic responses to work-life challenges


The course consists of four two-hour webinars:

Webinar 1 focuses on defining work-life balance and why it is so hard to make generalisations. It identifies the major forces that prevent people achieving balanced lives, why these have become stronger, and explores what balance means in different contexts. It also positions work-life balance as being about decision-making in those varied contexts.

Webinar 2 provides an extensive toolkit and an opportunity to practice, with colleagues, tools you choose.

Webinar 3 takes a systemic perspective, introducing practical approaches to helping clients map their own systems and consider how to involve their stakeholders as part of their evolving solutions. It also addresses your role as part of your coaching client’s systems or as a colleague if you sit in HR function. 

Webinar 4 invites you to bring cases from your own practice to group supervision. This is essentially a consolidation of your learning so far.


All of CCMI’s products and services align to industry best practice and international standards from the EMCC and other major accrediting bodies.

The emphasise of this workshop is on practical skills and application rather than additional homework and assignments required to acquire formal accreditation.

This course draws on a toolkit and theoretical frameworks developed over more than 20 years by Prof David Clutterbuck. It has been heavily updated following some research in early 2024.

To download the 2024 Work Life Balance research report click here.



Bespoke in-house courses available provided by a CCMI Network Member in your local country.

If your country isn’t covered by a CCMI Network Member, or you need delivery across multiple countries please contact us


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