Engaging the team in creating a coaching culture


An innovative approach to developing coaching skills and coaching culture. The origins of this approach lie in analysis of why sending line managers off on a course to learn to coach direct reports usually doesn’t work. The “sheep-dip” approach fails because it does not take into account the systemic nature of the relationship between line manager and the team and assumes wrongly that coaching is something that line managers do to people, rather than with them.

This course is based on the principles that:

  • Coaching is a shared activity between line managers and their direct reports, where both influence the success of the learning process
  • The most effective way to develop the skills of coaching and being coached is over time, with frequent opportunities for practice, mutual feedback and reflection
  • Because coaching is a learning conversation, the learning conversation is an effective way to learn about coaching

The resource is made up of up to 12 modules, each a conversation between the line manager and his or her team about an aspect of coaching. Together, the modules provide a basis for effective, sustainable, collective learning, in short sessions of 60-90 minutes downloaded on demand.

The process can be facilitated by a trainer from outside the team; or the line manager can be trained to facilitate the learning process. Either way, it is expected that the team will manage its own learning sessions after it has completed a few modules.




12 modules of 60-90 minutes each. Downloaded on demand, for self paced learning conversations by the team and line manager / team leader.


Team leaders and their team members across the whole organisation.


  • Builds commitment by involving everyone
  • Highly time flexible
  • Multi-media learning allows for a wide spectrum of learning styles and preferences
  • Incorporates latest understanding of good practice in coaching within teams
  • Influences the corporate culture at the point of greatest leverage
  • Highly cost-effective – arguably the most cost-effective form of coaching development to date


  • The entire team learns how to coach and be coached by each other


All of CCMI’s products and services align to industry best practice and international standards from the EMCC and other major accrediting bodies.

As this workshop is for corporates, the emphasise is on practical skills and application rather than additional homework and assignments required to acquire formal accreditation.