Clutterbuck Coaching and Mentoring International (CCMI) is a training organisation specialising in coaching and mentoring which operates through a consortium of boutique training consultancies. We have a network of more than 25 partner organisations covering over 120 countries, all of which have been accredited to provide a consistent, high quality, reliable service in the specialist areas of coaching & mentoring.

We help organisations across the globe achieve a strategic and practical approach to local and multi-country coaching & mentoring programmes, that are both high impact and sustainable.

Whether you are a Coach, Mentor or Trainer; Business leader, HR Professional or Line Manager; CCMI can offer standard or bespoke consultancy or training packages & programmes to suit specific requirements.


CCMI’s portfolio of products & services are based on the research and writings of Professor David Clutterbuck who pioneered developmental mentoring 45 years ago, and on whose work most mentoring outside of the Americas is based.

We have a comprehensive online library of practical briefings, manuals, databases and other support materials, including a wide portfolio of questionnaires and diagnostics regularly updated and strongly researched based. Our on-line library also includes many articles, webinars, blogs and books to compliment our programmes and services, which are based on extensive research, many of them co-edited or contributed to by CCMI members.

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Our free content is available to everyone. It includes a limited range of Blogs, Videos and Briefing Papers on key topics and the latest trends. If you want to expand your knowledge even further, or support your development or business with up-to-date information and research, sign up for a FREE TRIAL to gain access to the full content of over 500 blogs, tools, techniques, briefing papers and videos within our resource library.

Membership with CCMI allows affordable access to over 500 blogs, briefing papers, videos and more from Professor David Clutterbuck. It’s regularly updated to keep you at the leading edge of coaching & mentoring.

Our Core Programmes

Our core programmes make up the key areas of concern in the world of coaching and mentoring today. Review each of these core programmes and discover the free related content available, or if you are a member, the full library of content we possess to today.

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