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Supervision is a collaborative dialogue, aimed at helping a coach or mentor reflect on their practice, develop their skills and knowledge, and explore how they approach individual coaching or mentoring relationships. In one-to-one supervision, you have the benefit of entirely focusing on cases and issues you bring. In group supervision, you have less time on your own issues, but more opportunity to learn from other coaches’ cases and experiences.

We provide qualified, expert supervisors for coaches, mentors and team coaches around the world as well as training others to become supervisors. Our eclectic approaches are supported by the books ‘Coaching and Mentoring Supervision’ and ‘Coaching Supervision: A practical guide for supervisees’.

We have a continuing programme of research into good practice in supervision. Recent surveys have covered the issues of team coach supervisor, contracting between coach & supervisor, and the use of artificial intelligence in supervision.

Among unusual aspects of our supervision approach is that coaches have the opportunity to learn from the supervisor playing an “expert client” role, in which the coach coaches the supervisor and there are frequent pauses to examine what is happening in the conversation


Supervision by a qualified Supervisor

  • Helps the coach grow in confidence and competence
  • Keeps the coach and their clients safe
  • Helps the coach work through how to approach their most complex and challenging assignments
  • Gives clients greater confidence in the coach
  • Underpins coaches professional development
  • Required or highly recommended by the major coach governing bodies


Professor David Clutterbuck explains what Supervision is about.


How prepared are you for coaching supervision?

How well do each of the following statements describe you? Score yourself from 1 (not like me at all) to 5 (just like me).

  • Q1I see professional supervision as an essential and very valuable part of my coaching practice

  • Q2 I have at least four sessions with a professional supervisor each year

  • Q3 I spend time reflecting on each client session

  • Q4 I capture in writing the essence of each case I am bringing to supervision

  • Q5 I look for recurring patterns with each client

  • Q6 I look for recurring patterns between clients

  • Q7 I frequently identify issues of potential transference and parallel process

  • Q8 I have a personal development plan as a coach

  • Q9I am prepared to be “brutally self-honest”

  • Q10I am able to open up about my self-doubts during supervision

  • Q11 I bring to supervision ethical and boundary issues I encounter in my coaching

  • Q12 I engage with other forms of learning and explore with my supervisor how I can integrate these within my practice

  • Q13 I have read about supervision so that I understand the basics of theory and practice

  • Q14 I expect to be challenged deeply by my supervisor

  • Q15 I am very clear on the criteria, on which I chose this supervisor

  • Q16I give my supervisor honest feedback about my experience of the supervision session

  • Q17I am clear about why I seek supervision and how it benefits both me and my clients

  • Q18 I can describe clearly how supervision has changed my coaching practice

  • Q19I explain to my clients why I have supervision and how it benefits them

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Supervision Programmes

Our supervision programmes are aimed at both ‘External’ professional coaches & mentors and ‘Internal’ coaches & mentors for client organisations such as business leaders, managers, staff & HR professionals. All coaching & mentoring supervision by CCMI and its network partners is compliant with the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment.


Check out our recommended range of books to complement CCMI’s programmes and services. Based on extensive research, many of them have been written by Professor David Clutterbuck and many co-edited or contributed to by other CCMI members.