Coaching models CLEAR

Developed by Peter Hawkins CLEAR stands for Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action Review.


The emphasis at this stage is less about establishing goals than agreeing broad purpose and expectations of the learning relationship.


Still refraining from making judgements about what the coachee “needs”, the coach gives them space to describe their issue in their own way and from their own perspective. Often, this will be the first time they have had an opportunity to talk it through and insights will occur simply from listening to themselves.


This phase is about digging deeper into the issue and helping the coachee acquire different perspectives. Initially in this phase, the coach encourages the coachee to explore their understanding of what is happening and its impact on themselves and others. The coach may challenge their assumptions about any of these matters. The true goal of the coaching frequently emerges at this point.

Next, the coach and coachee explore what alternative options exist, including some the coachee has not thought of.


As one or more options become clearly preferable, coach and coachee explore practical ways forward. This may include specific steps towards a goal, or a menu of things to think about before the next coaching session.


Concluding the conversation is important, because it reinforces learning and decisions the coachee has made, and how the conversation has added value. It’s also a chance for the coach to receive some feedback from the coachee.

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