Coaching models STARR

The Starr model (created by Julie Starr) looks at five core coaching skills, as in the diagram below.

Effective coaches:


  1. Develop the learning relationship, building trust and rapport so that they and the coachee can have an open and honest conversation
  2. Listen actively and attentively, both to what is said (the content) and to the emotions behind what is said
  3. Use questions effectively. They avoid complex questions, questions that lead to yes/no answers, and questions that are really suggestions in disguise (like “Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you…?”
  4. Are flexible in how and when they coach. They adjust their coaching style to the coachee’s level of motivation and ability, and to environmental factors, such as how much pressure the coachee is under.
  5. Give timely and constructive feedback. They know how much feedback to give, when it will be most helpful, and how to present it in ways that make it easier for the coachee to accept the feedback and plan how to use it in improving their performance.

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