PERILL Team Diagnostic

Prof David Clutterbuck has spent over 45 years exploring & creating best practice in HR and organisational management and in recent years the factors that make high performing teams. In 2015, Facebook (now META) commissioned David to conduct research across the organisation to try to identify this elusive x factor. Those conclusions went on to become the PERILL model. 

The PERILL model identifies six key factors that interact to drive or hinder team performance and provides a framework for exposing and understanding those factors within the complex, ever adapting environment they work within.  These 6 factors are: 

Purpose & Motivation
External facing systems and processes
Internally facing systems and processes

Over the last few years, we’ve been digitising the PERILL model and creating an online platform for team coaches to ease the process of managing the diagnostic & discovery with teams through:

  • Digital, virtual management of the administrative process to send & manage diagnostic responses.
  • Processing the results through the PERILL algorithms to help analyse the responses
  • Breaking down the findings by theme within the PERILL framework to help the team focus in on areas of high function and dysfunction.
  • Summarising the findings in an accessible report, with exercises designed to support the team in improving their collective performance.

The PERILL Team Diagnostic has been undergoing Beta testing  with hundreds of our Team Coaching programme participants (everyone is given a years free access) and 2024 will see our public commercial launch.  If you’d like to be informed of when we launch you can register here

Example Dashboard screen: 











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