Experiment Register

An Experiment Register is a document that allows an individual or team to take a planned approach to continuous change. The register consists of the following seven elements:

  1. Reason for the experiment (e.g.learning, process improvement, new customer requirement)
  2. What precisely will be done differently
  3. How the experiment will be measured — and by whom
  4. What happened? What went as expected? What unexpected results occurred?
  5. Lessons learned
  6. How these lessons will be applied
  7. Next steps (abandon, revise, incorporate into standard practice)

The number of experiments at one time depends on capacity to attend to them. When addressing the same issue or opportunity with different experiments, you may choose to conduct these simultaneously or sequentially.

Individual Experiment Registers may be collated to form a team Register. When several team members work on the same or different experiments relating to the same issue, the Register forms the basis for comparing and contrasting outcomes.

Regular reviews of the Experiment Register help maintain momentum and coordinate individual experiments within team change priorities.

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